5 sustainable, eco-chic New York restaurants worth popping into

March 31, 2019

5 sustainable, eco-chic New York restaurants worth popping into

For decades now New York city has thought of as the hottest culinary scene worldwide. So, what gives New York city restaurants that X factor? What is the secret! Well, truth be told, there is something for everyone here. It’s the place  you can eat literally any type of cuisine imaginable, and it’s only a cab, bike ride, stroll, or Uber Eats courier away. But, what we think is really cool is the eco-conscious sustainable restaurant movement taking over the city! Over the last few years, the sustainable restaurant movement has really taken off, check out our list of some of New York cities hottest sustainable restaurants and cafes below..



Hu Kitchen has a cafeteria-style vibe to it, and makes a perfect lunch spot that offers dishes for paleo, vegan and overall, health-conscious diners. They are inspired by quality food’s ability to heal the body, and only source local and consciously sourced produce.

78 Fifth Avenue (@ 14th Street)




This is a place that’s being doing the eco-thing for quite some time. It’s a New York City favorite and proud to be one of the greenest restaurants in the city.  Everything about it is eco-friendly – the forks are made of potatoes, waiters wear biodegradable sneakers, and the menu is locally sourced. Plus, they always source goods that are created with sustainability and fair labor standards in mind.  

35 East 18th Street, New York





Known for its sustainable business practices, this homegrown coffee chain is also making moves to be greener in its store locations. The company was also one of the first coffee businesses to compost its food waste, blazing the trail for cafes and roasters across the city. And when you take your coffee to-go you can be sure they use eco-friendly to-go cups made from plants, just like the kind we offer at Naturally Chic!

Multiple locations;




West-bourne was inspired by those California-cool all-day eateries you can easily find on the west coast. They also took note of how many Californian restaurants are  (chicly) eco-conscious. They make a conscious effort to reduce waste, and utilize food bits that would typically just be discarded. Much of their decor and table settings are from repurposed materials as well.

137 Sullivan St.





This place really strives to be as eco-friendly and low impact as possible. They serve food sourced from local farms, use nontoxic cleaning products, compost their food waste, and use biodegradable single use items, such as napkins.  Their food is farm-fresh, comforting and caters to many dietary styles, so whether you want a big old juicy steak, or a delicious vegetarian friendly option they’ve got you covered.

145 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn


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