Discover Cape Cod's Zero-Waste Restaurant - Sunbird Kitchen

January 02, 2019

Discover Cape Cod's Zero-Waste Restaurant - Sunbird Kitchen

Happy New Year!

We wanted a way to spread awareness for our clients, who are typically independent restaurants, cafes, food trucks or caterers doing things that inspire us, and hopefully also inspire our readers as well!  To kick things off, we would like to introduce you to our client Sunbird, located in Orleans, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.

Sunbird Kitchen is their avian-inspired eatery and cafe that serves up fresh, seasonally-focused food to their hungry and curious flock. On its ever-changing menus, diners will discover an assortment of delicious breakfast and lunch items, sourced locally whenever possible. An offshoot to their popular Sunbird Food Truck in Wellfleet, the Kitchen is their newer brick-and-mortar spot where visitors and locals come to hang out, fuel up and flock on.

Sunbird's regular cafe menu (offered 7am-3pm Mon-Sat) delights with farm-fresh American eats, craft coffee and draft beer, eclectic wine and delicious house-made pastries to grab and go on the fly. Some local favorites include theirslow-roasted pork sandwich(with a spread of pork pate for good measure), garlic mayo, apple mostardaand garden greens on griddled ciabatta. Another protein-packed meatless option is their grain and seed bowl, loaded with b&w quinoa, heirloom beans, organic greens, seasonal veg and pickle, salsa verde, mixed seeds, and home-made dressing.


Diners can then choose to customize their meal with a number of protein and veg add-ons sides including a fried egg, crisp smoky bacon, house-made kimchi, seasonal tomatoes and jams, and a number of other fun assortments.

Everything Sunbird serves starts from scratch daily. As a zero-waste kitchen, they order small and reload continuously, looking to local farmers for batches of fresh produce, and the occasional "surprise ingredient" just for fun. This is where Sunbird shines brightest — in their ability to create great products spontaneously based on whatever pops into view or inspires them. They admit it's a lot more work and requires constant diligence, but that you can taste (and feel) the difference.

And, it goes without saying but brunches at Sundbird are not to be missed. Served on Sundays from 7am-3pm, this is the time when you can satisfy your craving for eggs benedict, brioche french toast, salt cod potato hash or their popular bird breakfast sandwich (served daily as well).

On Thursdays from 5pm-9pm, Sundbird also hosts Noodle Night. "We aren'tnight owls, but we do love dinner!" So they carved out one night each week to serve warm bowls of brothy noodles in their fun, comforting space throughout the off-season. "It gets pretty packed, even a little crazy, but that's what makes it so fun for all of us."Give their pho, miso or pork ramen a whirl, and be sure to sip on sake or finish the meal with some sesame ice cream and classic espresso drinks.

We discovered that the whole point of Sunbird is to follow our curiosity, to flock together, and to share what inspires us each day in the space, and in general. It's completely reciprocal, too. Customers feed off staff energy, and vice versa. The music meanders from hop-hop to 80's to folk, jazz, motown and wherever else the mood takes them. The open kitchen and service areas intertwine so closely with the dining space that everyone just hangs out and does their thing. It's a very synergistic and free-form place by design.

We love that Sunbird is all about local, seasonal dining, and has always chosen to use eco-friendly packaging alternatives from day one back in 2010. They recently told us they had been looking for a responsible paper product partner who shares their values, cares about aesthetics and offers clean, simple, eco-friendly products "...without all the pushy 'green' graphics". They added that, "People know us, and how we roll. They get it. We don't need to say 'organic' or 'green' every other word. We just do our thing because it makes sense to us, and to them.It's totally transparent, yet discrete. They assume we've got it all covered, and we do. They know we care, and we know they care, too. It's what makes us a flock."

We have no doubt that this cozy cafe and restaurant will continue to inspire people to eat, sip and live well on the fly. Their next big thing is turning Sunbird into a lifestyle brand! So keep an eye on their website for more. In the meantime, if you're on Cape Cod or headed there for vacation, Sunbird is not to be missed.

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