Meet Monsoon - An Eco-Friendly Cafe & Roastery Getting Lots of Buzz

January 22, 2019

Meet Monsoon - An Eco-Friendly Cafe & Roastery Getting Lots of Buzz


Just a few weeks into 2019 and we’re feeling good! It could be the New Years resolutions kicking (less carbs, more veggies) and it could also be the coffee!

We had great feedback and interest in our previous client blog post, and as promised, we will continue sharing more of client spotlights with our readers. So today, we’d like to warmly introduce you to Monsoon Roastery & Espresso Bar, located in lovelySpringfield, MA.

The whole vision for Monsoon started several years back when Founder Timothy Monson and wife Andrea discovered they were expecting a baby. With this exciting news, they decided to crank it up another notch and embark on another huge and inspiring life change - fulfilling their dream of owning their own business. From this vision, Monsoon was born, and so was baby! Very cool.

Housed inside the Gasoline Alley building in Springfield MA, a haven for independent businesses, Monsoon has an eclectic and artsy vibe to it with its gorgeous painted murals but still manages to feel welcoming and accessible to all. They pride themselves of being an environmentally-conscious, community coffee roaster and cafe for everyone, and they're living up to that.

''We were really in luck when we found our new property. They switched their electricity source from the convention grid to buying power from a wind company. We were so excited because our roasting is done solely with electricity. So this automatically helped us to start producing our energy with sustainable sources.''

Their dedication to environmentally mindful business practices is impressive, to say the least. Monsoon recently established new coffee compost program which makes use of their used coffee grounds at local farms.  They're also now running on 100% wind power energy which is just so awesome! Everything inside the roastery and cafe is made from repurposed materials. And, it goes without saying but all packaging is, of course, eco-friendly as well. Monsoon is using our Naturally Chic eco coffee cups, coffee cup lids made from sugarcane by-product, and our Raw Straws made from gluten-free straw.  


There really is a true craft and passion for coffee to be witnessed here. Every package of coffee is made by hand, from roasting the beans to placing the final wax seal on the bag. Monsoon also strives to provide knowledge expertise around the beautifully complex world of coffee. They offer education events every other week, which are free to the public and make for a fun little night out.

So next time you’re in the Springfield area definitely make a pit stop at Gasoline Alley and pop into our friends at Monsoon Roastery & Espresso Bar. They’ll be happy to see you and are ready to supply all your caffeine needs. Now, who’s ready for some more coffee?

270 Albany Street
Springfield, MA 01105

Tuesday-Friday 11:00PM-6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM-2:00PM
Fresh roasted coffee bags available daily!


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